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Advices and Cautions for Storage and Use of Activated Carbon
  @ To store 10t or more activated carbon, you need to comply with the requirements for handling a specified combustible materials under the Fire Service Law.  
  A A package of activated carbon may contract or explode by the change of the internal pressure caused by exposure to direct sunlight, water or moisture. To avoid an accident, store activated carbon indoors as practicable as possible.  
  B Operators who handle activated carbon must wear protective goggles, mask and gloves to protect themselves from dust. If dust contacts eyes, wash the eyes thoroughly with water and consult a doctor.  
  C There is a risk of oxygen shortage in an adsorbing tower. When you enter an adsorbing tower, you must follow the instructions and requirements set forth under the Industrial Safety and Health Law.  
  D Activated carbon may general heat when it adsorbs highly-concentrated gas or it is put into an organic solvent.  
  E Activated carbon should not be used for any purposes other than designated  
  F If you have any question about the handling of activated carbon, please contact us.  
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