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Types and Applications of Activated Carbon
Application Product Code Form Size Major Applications and Features
Recovery f solvents
Pellet 4×6
Recovery of vapor of aromatic hydrocarbons, halocarbons, ketones, esters, carbon disulfide
Pellet 4×6
Pellet 8×12
Pellet 4×6 Collection of vapor of high-boilling point solvents
Adsorption of gas and air purification
Pellet 7mmφ
Hollow activated carbon
9G Pellet 9mmφ

Adsorption and deodorizing of gases 

Pellet 7mmφ
Pellet 4×6
Pellet 8×12
4GS-D Pellet 4×6 Removal of compressor oil
4GCX-K Pellet 7mmφ Removal of hydrogen sulfide
SX Pellet 4×6
SX-6 Crushed 4×8
AX Pellet 4×6 Removal of ammonia
AX-6 Crushed 4×8
MX Pellet 4×6 Removal of dimethyl sulfide
MX-6 Crushed 4×8
Pellet 4×6 Removal of dioxin
Crushed 4×8 Adsorption and deodorizing of gases
Crushed 4×8 Removal of mercury gas
Pellet 4×6
Crushed 8×14 Activated carbon filter and deodorizing
Crushed 10×16 Gas mask
Crushed 8×14 Collection of radioactive methyl iodide
Crushed 8×14
Catalyst of catalyst carrier
Pellet 7mmφ
Fixed bed reaction
Pellet 4×6
Pellet 4×6
Water and liquid purification
Crushed 8×32
Water purification
Crushed 8×32
Crushed 24×48
Crushed 10×32
Decolorization and wastewater treatment
Crushed 8×32 Collection of heavy metals
Pellet 4×6  
Tsurumi Coal grains for solvent recovery
  ・ Vaporized solvent of very low concentration can be collected effectively.
・ Materials adsorbed into the activated carbon can be removed easily by applying low-pressure vapor.
・ Chemically stable and has low decomposition property.
・ Has low ventilation resistance.
・ Mechanically strong, which means the loss rate during collection process is low.
・ Designed to have selective adsorbability to fit to collection of a specific solvent.
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Tsurumi Coal grains for gas refinement
As technologies have advanced, use of gases of high purity is required in many fields of the chemical industry. To meet this need, various types of gas refining methods have been developed. Among them, activated carbon can adsorb and remove even a smallest quantity of impurities very simply by its adsorbing power.

For example, activated carbon of Tsurumi Coal is utilized for desulfurization of gases, removal of compressor oil, refining of carbon dioxide for food industry and many other gas refining and separation applications.

  Tsurumi Coal grains for deodorizing

Among many air-deodorizing methods available, deodorizing by the adsorbing power of activated carbon is recognized as very effective for removing offensive odor or poisonous gases.
Tsurumi Coal AX and AX-6 are effective for odor of alkaline gases, especial ammonia.
Tsurumi Coal SX and SX-6 are effective for odor of acid gases, especially hydrogen sulphide.
Tsurumi Coal MX and MX-6 are effective for odor of organic sulfur gas, especially dimethyl sulfide of low concentration.
Tsurumi Coal 4GM or HC-6 is effective for odor of general gases.
  Tsurumi Coal grains for air purification

Various kinds of poisonous gases.
Air purification system in plants that discharge gases with offensive odor
Activated carbon filters for air cleaners in home, office, club, hall, meeting room, school, restaurant, theater, movie theater, precision machine room, library, hold of a ship, hospital, animal breeding cage, pantry, freezer, and other areas.
Gas masks.
Removal of bacteria and air purification in chemical or medicine preparation rooms.
Air refining tower for oxidation.
Germ removal tower for air for aerobic bacteria culture.
  Tsurumi Coal grains for gas masks
  In work processes, mines, special holds of a ship, chambers or other working environments where unhealthy or dangerous gas is emitted, the poisonous gas must be removed for the safety of workers and prevention of accidents. Activated carbon grains are acknowledged highly as a filling or replacement agent for gas masks and adsorbing cans.  
  Tsurumi Coal grains for collecting radioactive iodine
  Charcoal filters are installed as part of safety facilities in the ventilation system of a nuclear reactor to prevent dispersing into the air of products of nuclear fission (radioactive iodine and iodine compounds) leaking from the reactor container to the building in case of a nuclear accident. Tsurumi Coal HCA-S is impregnated activated carbon for filters used in nuclear reactors jointly developed by the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute and Tsurumi Coal (PAT. No.642779).
It is also used in other research and medical institutes than nuclear reactors where radioactive iodine is used. Tsurumi Coal HCA-KI impregnated with potassium iodide is also available.
  Tsurumi Coal grains for collecting mercury vapor
  Tsurumi Coal's impregnated activated carbon HC-6HG is used in plants for breaking used fluorescent lamps and places where mercury analysis equipment is used or otherwise mercury gas is emitted to secure health of workers and to preserve the environment. Tsurumi Coal HC-6HG effectively collects mercury gas in these facilities.  
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Tsurumi Coal grains for catalyst and catalyst carrier
As Tsurumi Coal's activated carbon grains for catalyst and catalyst carrier have very vast activated surface contact area, they can effectively condense the acting substance to effectively accelerate various catalysis reactions. Users can select from among various kinds of Tsurumi Coal that is most suitable to the type of the reaction equipment and the operation method.

Has excellent adsorbing power.
Accelerates the reaction effectively, and has long life as a catalyst.
Has great retention power.
Very hard.
Proper grain size.
Low sulfur concentration.
The uniform shape of grain gives low ventilation resistance, which prevents irregular flow of the reaction gas.
Tsurumi Coal grains for liquid purification
  Tsurumi Coal's activated carbon grains for liquid purification, made of selected charcoal and activated by water vapor under high temperature and severe control, have the following features:


Has a vast surface area for adsorption, and have complete porous structure and excellent adsorbing power.
Performs great discoloring and refining ability for various water and organic solutions.
A very little wear loss in back washing and in the harshest condition of use.
As little carbon loss occurs in the high-temperature recovery treatment, the adsorbing power of recycled activated carbon is comparable to that of new activated carbon.
Tsurumi Coal grains for water treatment
  Tsurumi Coal GL-30S and HC-30S are crushed activated carbon grains designed to remove impurities from city sewage or industrial wastewater. The porous structure, grain size and hardness of the products, activated by water vapor under high temperature and severe control, shows great performance. The structure is designed to adsorb impurities in wastewater effectively.  
  Tsurumi Coal grains are reusable repeatedly by applying heat for re-activation. The recovery equipment, requiring minimum maintenance, is operated automatically to recover the adsorbing ability of used activated carbon economically.  
Among a number of wastewater treatment processes available, the process using Tsurumi Coal can reduce organic pollution most effectively compared to any other unit operations, thus resulting in efficient cost management.
No side effect
The process using Tsurumi Coal produces no secondary waste or pollutant. Impurities removed from water are condensed on the surface of activated carbon and oxidized into harmless products in the final heat activation process.
Unexpected change in the concentration of impurities which may be caused by disorder in the pre-treatment stage, etc. can be also treated effectively.
Tsurumi Coal grains are usable repeated by applying a re-activation treatment.
Water can be treated into appropriate purity level depending on the purpose of reuse or discharge conditions required.
The excellent adsorbing power of our activated carbon grains and the activation process are based on our long years' experience in the chemical industry
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