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  Tsurumi Coal offers three forms of activated carbon
  1.Pellet Cylindrical pellets. A variety of sizes up to 9 mm diameter are available. 造粒炭  
  2.Crushed Grains of activated carbon crushed into irregular shapes. A variety of sizes from 8 meshes to 80 meshes are available. 破砕炭  
  3.Powder Powder of activated carbon. A variety of sizes less than 150 meshes are available. 粉末炭  
  Activated Carbon
  rains of Tsurumi Coal's activated carbon are porous carbon grains that have innumerable micropores inside. They attract other particles like magnets. The size of micropores is larger than that of the particles to be adsorbed into them. Micropores connected with each other comprise passages inside a grain. The surface of these numerous passages gives an important property to activated carbon. When particles of solute in gas, vapor or solution contact activated carbon grains, they are attracted to and held on the surface of the activated carbon grains. This phenomenon is called "adsorption." The degree of adsorbing power varies depending on the size or shape of the particle to be adsorbed and the porous structure of the activated carbon.  
  Therefore, by using activated carbon, you can adsorb and separate even a smallest quantity of an ingredient of any kind selectively from a mixture, whether it is gaseous or liquid. Moreover, adsorbed materials can be removed easily (usually called "desorption") by applying a proper treatment, by which the adsorbing power of the activated carbon is recovered. The adsorbing and desorbing properties of activated carbon are widely applied to industrial chemical operations such as adsorption and separation of an ingredient from a mixture, refining of liquid and gas, or collection of a valuable ingredient. It has become an essential material used in advanced treatment technologies for pollution control and environment purification. With their excellent adsorbing power, the extensive surface area of activated carbon grains also work as catalyst or catalyst carrier for heterogeneous reaction.  
  Activated carbon having various features described above is produced from various kinds of carbon materials (coconut shell, coal, charcoal, etc.) by applying high-temperature activation treatment to them. Tsurumi Coal's high-performance activated carbon grains, made of selected materials with our great experience and unique technology, can refine, collect, discolor or deodorize gas or liquid, or bring about catalysis efficiently and economically.
Tsurumi Coal's activated carbon grains have high density and great mechanical strength and abrasion resistance. Grains are available in cylindrical or crushed shapes (irregular shape). A variety of mesh sizes with a variety of properties are available to fit to various applications.
  Although our activated carbon grains can repeat the process of adsorption and desorption in many cases, their adsorbing power will be weakened during the long time repeated use because of build-up of contaminants adsorbed from gas or liquid inside the grains. The adsorbing power of used Tsurumi Coal's activated carbon grains can be recovered by treating them by an activation process similar to that used in the production of new activated carbon grains. Because grains of Tsurumi Coal's activate carbon are very hard and dense, activation treatment can be applied to them repeatedly to recover their power for reuse. Accordingly, users of our activated carbon can receive great economical benefit. We recommend our customers to consider use of our recovery service to make the best use of the service life of our activated carbon grains. We give advice and answer questions from users based on our 80 years' experience on activated carbon technology.  
  Surface of an activated carbon grain (electron microscope)
Coconut shell base (x 3,000)
Coal base (x 3,000)
Charcoal base (x 3,000)
  Activated carbon of Tsurumi Coal, comprised of tiny particles of 10~60A (A: ten-millionth of a millimeter), has a sponge-like porous structure with innumerable apertures of a size of primarily 16~100A and sometimes as small as 150,000 A.  
  As activated carbon has innumerable micropores inside, one gram of activated carbon has vast surface area of about 500~2,000 square meters.  
  Adsorbing power
  Activated carbon of Tsurumi Coal adsorbs substances strongly and highly selectively by the surface adsorbing power produced by our latest activation technology and the capillarity of micropores.  
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